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Our Supporters

We're Growing with Gratitude

Many thanks to our corporate, community, and family supporters for believing in the power of kindness and the capacity for kids to change our world.

You’re all making the world a better place.

2023 Lead Supporters

Tim & Natalie McCarthy
Dana & Forrest Schwartz
The Tim & Marge Heron Family
Sandy Pond
Jennifer & Jason Meyer
Aaron McGreevy
Ray Crook
Mike LaRocco
Alan & Peg Scantland

Sara Leech
Matt & Emily Del Monaco
Jenny Graham
Pam & Ed Reik
Melanie Moon
Gretchen Taylor
Brenda Tobey
Nancy Curley
Aaron & Stacie Ware
Cindy & Kevin Hackett
Stephen Gibson
Emily Smith
Laura Baker
Nikhil Hunshikatti
Sonali Kandhari
Kurt Thomas
Candace Klepacz

Caring Collective members are partners in kindness who contribute to Seeds of Caring on a monthly basis, allowing us to expand our impact far and wide. Become a Caring Collective member today.

Becca Apfelstadt

Laura Baker
Brittany Beck
Kristen Biller
Skylar Blannin
Stephanie Botkin
Shirley Brooks-Jones
Erin Brown
Denise Burdette
Ritwik & Anwesha Chatterjee
Fred & Melanie Collier
Megan Collins
Emily Cornett
Pauline Crispin

Blair Everett

Melissa Garrison
Heather Goss
Jenny Graham
Erin Huffman-Richard
Nikhil Hunshikatti
Brandy Jemczura
Sarah & Jeremy Jorgenson
Noelle Juday
Gurjeet Kaur  
Candace Klepacz
Jennifer Knotsmed
Sara Leech
Tegan Lehman
Scott Leyshon
Aromal Lilly
Keri Macwhinney
Melanie Moon
Jamee Parish
Alisa Paulsen
Julie Porr
Jocelyn Probasco
Anthony Radcliff
Phil Radliff
Victoria Selhorst
Heather Shea
Emily Smith
Markita Suttle
Gretchen Taylor
Kelli Traber
Stephanie Vulhop
Phirunny Wang
Stacie Ware

This peer-to-peer fundraising team commits to raising $1,000+ each in 25 days, all to move our mission forward. Thanks to our 2024 Matching Donors & Kindness Coalition Members!

Matching donors

The Bath Family
The Klusas Family
Ray and Phylis Crook
Aaron McGreevy


Laura Baker
Melissa Bender
Ryan & Katie Brownfield
Bozana Byers
Anwesha & Ritwik Chatterjee
Lyndsey Dudley
Lindsey Fischbach
Joe Fullenkamp
Peter Geldis

Chris & Colleen Hopkins
Erin Johnson
Keri Macwhinney
Jennifer Meyer

Melanie Moon
Sara Pastore
Nidhi Satiani
Torie Selhorst
Heather Shea
Immy Singh
Emily Smith
Markita Suttle
Nancy Willis