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Take Part in Growing Your Future Leaders

Our three partnership opportunities allow companies to grow the future leaders of tomorrow while engaging your team in meaningful service opportunities today.

We partner with companies in three ways:
Many thanks to our lead corporate partners. For a full list, click here.
Custom Corporate Events

Personalized Team Building & Family Volunteering

We know you’re intentional about building a culture of social responsibility. After all, employees who give more to their community give more to their career!

From impactful on-site team builds to meaningful family volunteer projects that align with your values, we develop and customize a variety of service opportunities to incorporate into your next unique event. Whether they be retreats, conferences, family picnics, holiday parties, Take Your Child to Work Day, corporate anniversary celebrations, and more—we’ve got you covered.

We make it easy for your entire team—and their families if you desire—to give back (and feel good while doing it!). You bring the volunteers, we’ll handle the rest.

“As a family owned business, meaningful volunteerism is a large part of our culture”

Bozana Byers
Director of Human Resources
White Castle

“Our relationship with Seeds of Caring has allowed us to extend timely, wide-ranging and relevant projects to our team in a turnkey format. Our people have participated in the office as well as while working remotely, making it easy to unite our team, create memorable moments just like our mission states and contribute to a larger community effort that also reinforces our Castle Social Responsibility objectives.”

“We had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Seeds of Caring.”

Katie DiPietro
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

“The flexibility provided by SOC for our associates to participate in hands-on volunteer activities not only engaged but inspired our team. Not only did we get the chance to provide a measurable benefit to a wonderful team of dreamers at SOC, but it also fostered growing interest in volunteerism and community involvement in our team.”

Event Sponsorship

Support Rooted in Lasting Change

The success of our future leaders depends on the support from our current ones. Seeds of Caring works in partnership with more than 13k follower families and 40 nonprofits to engage youth in volunteerism across our community. Join us by sponsoring one of our signature youth service events—like our MLK Day of Service or Planet Protectors Earth Day Celebration. Sponsorship benefits include company branding on all event materials, social media placements, and more!

Your sponsorship provides key funds to fuel our mission—to help kids see and understand the needs in their community, then enact long-lasting change through service, social action, and community building. The result? A kinder, more connected world led by our youngest generation.

Family-Friendly Volunteer Opportunities

Let Your Employees Branch Out

At Seeds of Caring, we understand that your employees are looking for ways to give back outside of the office. Whether in the community or from the comfort of your own home—we offer hundreds of flexible, one-of-a-kind, family-friendly volunteer opportunities for your team members and their families that will generate lasting memories, as well as a lasting impact.

View all of our upcoming in-person events and anywhere projects at the link below. Each one is an opportunity for your employees and their families to give back to their local community.