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Seeds of caring

Our Impact

"You aren't going to save the world on your own. But you might inspire a generation of kids to save it for all of us. You would be amazed at what inspired children can do."

—Dr. Jane Goodall

Teaming together with caring grown-ups and kids, we nurture a commitment to kindness and build bridges across our community. Here’s a snapshot of the collective impact of our work in 2022, with a reach far beyond our measure in the future.

Child Participants Over the Years:
2016: 285
2017: 1,424
2018: 1,742
2019: 3,001
2020: 9,114
2021: 14,507
2022: 26,638
47,742 volunteer hours

contributed to the community

26,638 child participants*

empowered to create a kinder community

*duplicated (some kids participated in one project, some participated in more)

8,349 books

collected to support youth literacy efforts

9,557 sack lunches

for hungry and unhoused neighbors

$106,481 in material donations

to meet critical community needs

1,442 compassion kits

to support the community

In a year where we found ourselves struggling to find purpose, Seeds of Caring filled that void in such a meaningful way.

Parent Participant

"We can’t change everyone’s life completely, but we can do small things to make their day a little better.”

Aggie, Age 7
1,930 Buddy Boxes of food packed

for local children experiencing food insecurity

800+ students inspired

to help their communities through our 6-unit Kindness Corps program

54 local schools mobilized

to celebrate World Kindness Day in partnership with The Columbus Foundation’s Center for HumanKindness

of grown-up participants say Seeds of Caring increased their kids’ knowledge and understanding of community needs
of grown-up participants say their kids showed more initiative in making a difference in their community after participating with Seeds of Caring
of grown-up participants say their kids demonstrated empathy more frequently for others after participating with Seeds of Caring

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