Seeds of Caring


Meaningful service opportunities. Designed just for kids.

Seeds of Caring empowers kids to create a kinder community with their hearts, hands, and minds. We do this by designing meaningful opportunities for kids to engage in service, social action, and community-building. As kids learn about hunger in our community, make blankets for hospitalized children, or share conversation with seniors, they build confidence in their ability to contribute. In the end, we all benefit: our kids develop a heart for service, our families are united by a common purpose, and our community becomes a more compassionate place to live, work, and grow. 

Our focus

We focus our events and programs in three key areas that make our community a kinder place to live and grow. 


Events may include raking leaves for seniors, packing sack lunches to be passed out to the hungry and homeless, or conducting pet food drives in the neighborhood for a visit to the local animal shelter.


Programs range from mini-workshops designed to help kids identify social issues they feel passionate about to town hall meetings where kids are invited to ask questions of social issue experts and share their own thoughts.


Events may include music-making with developmentally disabled or senior community members, or bringing together families from various faiths and ethnicities for a potluck focused on a key theme, like peace or gratitude.